Jimmy Page 'Sound Tracks'

The Project

Sound Tracks: Deluxe boxset brings together two of Jimmy Page’s compositions for the film Lucifer Rising and Death Wish II, along with additional archive material for the first time. The signed boxset is restricted to just 109 copies, and consisted of four vinyls, four CDs, a signed album booklet, and a limited edition screen-printed Gustave Doré’s Eagle. The edition is completed by a luxury black leather box with debossed detail.


Concept Creation
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Packaging Design

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The Creative Corporation

Original illustrations were created to accompany a written track-by-track insight by Jimmy Page of the soundtracks recorded in the late 70s and early 80s. Speaking about the release, Jimmy explains; “The archive material and work included here serve as an illustration of the ongoing process at the time of these two projects.”

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