The brief

Dahai brings innovation to the fine art world by offering the world’s first asset-backed NFT. They aim to create a better way people acquire, manage, deliver, exhibit, and share artwork in their collection.

Brand strategy
Identity system
UX/UI design
Dahai logo with a painting contained within the H letterDahai logo with a painting contained within the H letter
Designed at The Crown & Co

The solution

The adaptable logo allows for the art to be the front and centre of their new identity. The line is blurred between the physical and digital world, with the usage of tactile textures and distinctively digital typeface.

Dahai logo in three sizes9 thumbnails of fine art paintingsDahai website on desktopFour Dahai posters mockup in metalic free-standing framesThree screens of Dahai website in mobile sizeDahai comp slip mockup in grey paper on a teal velvet backgroundDahai tote bag sitting on a red leather chair